Monday, March 31, 2008

Married soldiers can sleep together in Iraq now

The army has made a historic change in its policy. I found this story on today.

"the Army is allowing scores of husband-and-wife soldiers to live and sleep together in the war zone — a move aimed at preserving marriages, boosting morale and perhaps bolstering re-enlistment rates at a time when the military is struggling to fill its ranks five years into the fighting."

But don't expect them to be seen holding hands or kissing. Whether on duty or in the chow hall, it's hands off for all couples!

And it's still unclear if the rule change applies to soldiers in Afghanistan, where the U.S. has been fighting since 2001.

So what do you think about this? Is allowing soldiers to bunk together going to help save their marriages? Is it really going to help re-enrollment? And what about gay couples? That would take the "don't ask, don't tell policy" a little too far, huh?

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

President Bush strikes out with fans at Washington Nationals home opener

So I just say this today, fans President Bush booed during the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener yesterday.

Now, I know he's not the popular president at this point with the ongoing Iraq war, the state of the economy, etc. And I certainly didn't vote for him, either time. But, I was raised to show the proper respect for the position regardless of how you feel. It feels unneccessary and disrespectful to the country to boo the president. Or maybe I'm alone in this.

It's definitely a different reception than the one he got in the 2001 World Series when he throw the opening pitch following the September 11th attacks. But, then again my research shows last year Dick Cheney was booed at the Nationals home opener as well, and his pitch landed in the dirt.

So what do you think? Did he deserve to be booed? Or should people be more respectful? E-mail me at

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Miss Attitude

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brad and Angelia: Wedding rumors false... who really cares?

It would probably be hard to pick a couple I'm more tired of hearing about then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The fact that I'm blogging about them probably just proves I can't avoid them completely. Today on the homepage of and all the gossip is about the wedding(or not) they had (or didn't have) in New Orleans this weekend.

A "source" tells People there wasn't a wedding. I love TMZ's headline the best:
Brangelina Wedding Rumors: Who Gives a S**t?

They already have four kids and she's pregnant again. So why the obsession about getting married? Does it even matter? He married Jennifer Aniston and promised her til death you part and that lasted 4 1/2 years. Do you need a piece of paper and some wedding rings to prove you're committed? There's always Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, they've been together forever and still aren't married.

What do you think? Should they tie the knot? Do you even care? Vote in the online poll.

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Miss Attitude

P.S. I'm working on next month's column. If you need advice or just want to vent, send your e-mails to

Friday, March 28, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm....

While I was running errands this afternoon, I went past the Home Depot and I thought to myself.. why does a home improvement store need a concession stand in the parking lot? I know I've passed it tons of times before and wondered about it.. but seriously! I mean while shopping for toilet parts or ceiling fans you just have to have an Italian Sausage.

I hate going to both Home Depot and Lowe's and no carnival-like consession stand will make my trip any more fun. Usually I'm there to try and get parts to fix something I already have no idea how to fix! And if taking the kids to Home Depot is a family outing, then maybe you should try the park, the library or an actual carnival.

Plus, don't even get me started on how sanitary the food served there could actually be!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Thursday, March 27, 2008

TSA gives woman a pair of pliers to remove nipple rings before boarding a plane

Wait.. I just found an even better story for the day, thanks again to my friends at

LOS ANGELES (AP) ― A Texas woman who claims she was forced to remove a nipple ring with pliers in order to board an airplane called Thursday for an apology by federal security agents and a civil rights investigation.

"I wouldn't wish this experience upon anyone," Mandi Hamlin, 37, said at a news conference. "My experience with TSA was a nightmare I had to endure. No one deserves to be treated this way."

Hamlin's attorney is Gloria Allred.

"The conduct of TSA was cruel and unnecessary," Allred wrote. "The last time that I checked a nipple was not a dangerous weapon."
Read the rest of the story

Okay, here's what I want to know. Do nipple rings really set off the metal detectors? Regular earrings don't, or tongue rings. I mean, how big were those rings?? And if they have that much metal, didn't she know they'd set off the metal detector in the first place? Hasn't she flown before? Wouldn't you just take them off before you left for the airport? If I can't even wear my flip flops through security, I wouldn't chance anything!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Where did she put that cell phone?

One of my friends e-mailed me this website today. She remembered last week I was blogging about the woman walking on Bayshore with her iPod in between her breasts.

So now I guess, celebs are doing it too. Except this time it's America's Top Model judge and self-proclaimed first supermodel, Janice Dickinson. Now x17online doesn't allow you to take images from their site, otherwise I'd post the pic itself directly on my blog.

It shows the creative way Dickinson found to keep her cell phone close at hand while getting a mani & pedi. And to think I always just keep mine in my purse!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to get a great guy

As a skeptical single, I don't pick up too many dating books or read too many how-to land a man columns.. except for my monthly Cosmopolitan magazine, perhaps. But today, I spotted one on the MSN homepage as I started to check my hotmail.

Here were some of the tips:

* Stop believing the man shortage hype. First of all, it doesn’t exist. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2010, there will be just over 1 million extra men in the 20- to 44-age range. Besides, as a unique and exceptional woman, you don’t expect the right man for you to be a “dime a dozen” type. So quit complaining about how bad men are; that just invites bad men into your life.

*Expand your dating pool. Whatever strategies you use to meet men, multiply them by doing things you’ve never done. Try Internet dating, go to singles’ events, and agree to sensible fix-ups. If those methods aren’t yielding results, go further—track down an old crush, throw a singles soiree, dress up and dine alone at a hotspot. Just get out there!

So, here's what I want to know from the author Amy DuBois Barnett, former editor in chief of Teen People, how long has she been single? Oh, wait a quick biography check from Random House shows "She lives in New York City with her husband and son."

Just as I expected. Because if she was single, she'd know the first tip doesn't tell me anything about how to meet one and the other one doesn't give me much help either. If you're like me, you've probably tried internet dating, maybe even speed dating, you've been fixed up, you've gone to events, etc. And still.. nothing. Now, I'm not trying to be a "Negative Nelly" here, but I just get tired of hearing these types of tips handed out as "insightful."

I will give Mrs. Barnett some credit though, she had a few ideas about when to move on I wish I'd recognized earlier in my life:

*Never look back. If you get that feeling — in your heart, your gut, your head and your senses — that a relationship is not working, make a clean break and don’t look back. Do not stay in the wrong relationship; it’s not fair to you or him. And if it’s a bad (as in physically or verbally abusive) scene, get out now!

*Don’t kid yourself. Men are not very complicated, so if he tells you he’s not looking for a relationship or doesn’t want to settle down, believe him. He’s not lying. He’s not testing you. He’s not just in need of the love of a good woman (i.e., you) to prove otherwise. You’re wasting your time at best, setting yourself up for heartbreak at worst.

So, what is a single girl to do? Well, she is right about needing to get out there. But isn't there something to be said for trying too hard too? I happen to believe in chemistry and fate, maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. I still don't think I'm going to meet the man of my dreams on eHarmony. I do happen to have a few more days left on my subscription, so we'll see I guess. But you loyal readers know, I haven't had much success up until now (i.e. the date that turned out not to be one.)

What's the best way to meet men? What's worked for you? I want to hear all about it. E-mail me your tips to

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Rick Astley says he supports Rickrolling!

As I was checking out I saw this headline: Rick Astley has been found. Reveals that he supports RickRolling and never gave us up

The 80s pop singer, largely MIA since "Never Gonna Give You Up," is finding this web phenomenon of Rickrolling entertaining. In an interview Astley says “Listen, I just think it’s bizarre and funny. My main consideration is that my daughter doesn’t get embarrassed about it.”

To read the story and hear more of his interview Click Here

Now, I've never been Rickrolled, but I've heard a lot of my friends talking about it. If you're out of the loop like apparently I was, it's when someone posts or sends you a misleading link that sounds interesting or exciting, but actually turns out to be Rick Astley's video.

And honestly, I still have a hard time understanding why it's so funny. Maybe it's because I actually liked the song when it first came out (I owned the tape.) Or maybe my sense of humor is just off. Some of my guy friends will definitely tell you the latter is true (judging by my taste in movies-- I hated "Zoolander" and "Napoleon Dynamite"-- seriously!)

So what do you think? Is it hilarious? Do you Rickroll your friends? E-mail me your stories at

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seriously, you don't dye your hair?

Okay, a loyal Miss Attitude reader has asked me if she knows the 40+ year old who doesn't dye her hair... because she doesn't believe it!

It didn't occur to me to question the woman further, but now wonder how good she could possibly look without dyeing her hair? Miss A. admits to dyeing her own hair since college. First it started out just as fun, and then a few short years later it was to cover the gray. I started to notice a few grays very early and I didn't want any part of that. And apparently neither did my loyal viewer.

"My hair would be a scraggly kinky gray mess if I didn't go see (insert hair dresser name here) every 5 weeks."

I can remember, though, the worst I felt about the gray. I was maybe 30, at the oldest, and it had been a few months since my last hair appointment. And you won't believe the person who pointed out my gray hairs. Bob Hite! Now, if you live or have lived in Tampa, you know who I'm talking about. I remember I was mortified, I didn't know what to say to the man nearly twice my age who had a history of saying whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, including on WFLA-TV every day!

But I do know I played into the stereotype. While he went around proud of his gray, a distinguished older man, I made my hair appointment ASAP to make sure I covered that gray right up!

So what do you think? If women like Heather Locklear, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker endorse hair colors, should you be ashamed? E-mail me at

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Monday, March 24, 2008

No, there's nothing wrong with you!

I recently received this e-mail from a reader:

I am in my mid-40s and have not had plastic surgery and don't dye my hair. Is there something wrong with me?

The simple answer is no, there's nothing wrong with you. In fact, it's refreshing to hear from a woman who embraces who she is, instead of trying to change herself to please others.

In TV, movies and magazines men who grow older tend to be viewed as distinguished and more handsome, but women are often seen as getting old. Recently several actresses have challenged that. Just look at Diane Keaton and Jamie Lee Curtis. These are woman who appear to be even more empowered and beautiful as they grow older. I also think Teri Hatcher looks amazing and appears so comfortable in her own skin at the age of 43. Hatcher, though in 2006, admitted to Glamour Magzine she did have Botox. But, she did tell the magazine it's okay to have wrinkles as you age and that she's not trying to look 25.

I think the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, on the inside and out. So don't head to the salon or the plastic surgeon to please anyone else!

I want to hear from more of you. And remember, as I promised, everyone remains anonymous. E-mail me at

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unsexy and the City!?!?!?

Unsexy and the city
Unsexy and the city

So SATC fans out there, can you believe Maxim magazine named Sarah Jessica Parker the "unsexiest woman alive?" The poll, released back in October, ranked SJP as less sexy than Amy Winehouse, Sandra Oh, Madonna and Britney Spears. It also called the 43-year-old actress a "Barbaro-faced broad."

SJP recently fired back in an interview with Grazia magazine saying just because she doesn't fit the "ideals" of a men's magazine doesn't mean she isn't beautiful. "Do I have big fake boobs, Botox and big lips? No," Parker said. "Do I fit some ideals and standards of some men writing in a men's magazine? Maybe not."

Since the poll came out last fall, some are questioning SJP's timing, alluding to a publicity stunt for the upcoming SATC movie. Remember last week I told you about Kristin Davis' sex photo scandal?

I still have a hard time believing the movie needs any more publicity. And having worked in the media business for 13 years, it's very possible the interviewer brought it up and when SJP responded about the fake boobs, that was the best quote of the entire interview... becoming the focus of the article.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

McDreamy... I'd recongnize that voice anywhere

So the other day I was watching TV and saw a new State Farm insurance commercial. It wasn't the commercial itself that grabbed my attention, but the voice. It belonged Patrick Dempsey (a.k.a. Dr. McDreamy in "Grey's Anatomy.") I'd recognize that voice anywhere. Now, I'm not sure his voice makes me want to run right out and change insurance companies, but I did even rewind the commercial on the DVR.

A few days earlier, I did the same thing when I saw an Applebee's commercial. It wasn't the disgustingly fattening fried food that made me want to watch it, again it was the voice. John Corbett (a.k.a. Aidan in "Sex and the City.")

It's not that celebrity voice overs in advertising are a new thing. I guess I'm just surprised by the celebrities who are doing them. Does Patrick Dempsey really need extra cash? Or does he just feel passionate about State Farm? What about John Corbett? I bet he has never eaten at an Applebee's, okay at least not since he was the slimmed-down trim Aidan the second time on SATC.

I even found this cool game online. You can listen to the audio clips to match the celebrity with the product they're pitching. To test your skills Click Here

And while I'm sure from a product standpoint, you would want one of the most recognizable voices connected with what you're selling. But seriously? I'm supposed to believe George Clooney, the sexiest man alive, drinks Bud??

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Friday, March 21, 2008

It seems like everyone's cheating...

Get this, a new study shows more than 54% of Americans know someone who has an unfaithful spouse. I saw this on last night. That's up from 24% in 1964!
(To read the story story Click Here)

Then a little while later last night, I was watching the season finale of "Lipstick Jungle." Nico, one of the main characters, has been having an afair with a sexy, younger man. Wendy, her best friend and power movie exec, has been very clear she won't tolerate her friend's cheating.

Well in the finale, Nico is off having sex with her boy toy when her husband has a heart attack. He calls her repeatedly, the hospital calls her repeatedly. After ignoring the phone a few times ,she answers it and takes off to the hospital.

Now, this where it gets interesting. As she feels guilty and realizes she wants her marriage back a young woman shows up at the hospital to see her husband. That woman is one of her Charles' college students. And she's clearly more upset than a student would be about her professor. Nico finds a note the woman's written to Charles saying she misses him.

So Nico decides she wants her marriage back and ends the affair. So if both spouses were cheating does that cancel it out? Now that he's had a near death experience, can they both get out without anyone gettting hurt? Now this isn't an altogether new theme for a Candace Bushnell inspired TV show.

Remember in "Sex and the City" when Carrie is cheating on Aiden with Big? Carrie deludes herself into thinking she can quit the affair without anyone getting hurt. But then Natasha catches her in their apartment, falls down the stairs and chips a tooth.

I know these are both just TV shows, but I honestly think people having affairs think they can end them without anyone being the wiser. And maybe they can. But in most cases, it ends badly. Of if they get away with it, how do they live with the guilt?

I want to hear what you think. Have you caught your spouse cheating? Or have you been the one cheating? How did you end it? E-mail me at

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recycling.. and no not the green kind!

Have you ever been guilty of relationship recycling? You know what I'm talking about.. instead of going out and meeting someone new, you go back to that old boyfriend/girlfriend. It's easier, you know what you're getting, you know that person's strengths and weaknesses and you figure you probably won't get hurt, right?

Not that I'm proud of it, but I've been doing this since college. And yesterday I learned it's habit I'm about to break for good. I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year, not a New Year's Resolution per se, but a promise to stop recycling and find someone new. And I've been strong, you know, I told you about eHarmony. But without a lot of success, I started feeling a little down a few weeks ago. And that's where you troubles always begin..

So I sent an e-mail to one of my few remaining recycles. We never technically dated, but over the course of several years hung out, e-mailed, drunk dialed, etc. Yesterday, I found out he got married last month. And let me tell you what a shock that was!

He was the one I could count on to always be there, just in case. My back up, if you will. Now, I assure you it's not quite as devastating as last year when I learned my primary recycle got married and had a kid. He was the one I always thought I'd end up with. And to top it off, he married the girl he dated after me. But that's a whole other story...

So have you ever recycled? I want to hear from you.. and not just the ladies! I know male friends of mine who have done it too. What are the benefits? What are the pitfalls? How do you end it for good? E-mail me at

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Breast implants

So this morning I was walking along the bay and saw something that made me do a triple take. A woman walking, holding her back and sticking out her chest. She had on a tank top, showing off her rather large breast implants. And to top it off, she had her bright fuschia iPod stuck right in between them.

Now before I sound like I'm bashing women with breast implants, I want you to know I have a couple of friends who have them. I personally have a hard time imagining getting them, but I try not to judge because you should be able to do whatever makes you happy.

But in this case, I thought to myself SERIOUSLY? It's not like she's out at a nighclub. She's supposed to be exercising, or is all that a ruse to get attention? Or does she feel like since she paid for them she better get her money's worth? And maybe her back hurts because God didn't intend for hers to be that big and so up there!

Even after she'd passed me, I still kept turning around to stare. And I spotted at least one man doing the same thing. So if that was her goal.. Mission Accomplished!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

P.S. In the matter of full disclosure so I don't seem too catty, this mystery woman had an amazing figure. I was definitely envious of that. Maybe she can put just the iPod around her arm like everyone else.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kristin Davis (a.k.a. Charlotte) sex photos scandal

If there's one thing Charlotte in Sex and the City wouldn't do.. it's make a sex tape. And now according to TMZ, the rumors about a sex tape starring Kristin Davis aren't true. There's not a tape, instead *possibly* photos taken by an ex.

"We're told the ex-boyfriend was pissed at Kristin and then sold the photos to a third party. Classy, huh?The third party got involved in a business venture with another guy and we're told that guy pilfered the pics and they ended up online."

A rep for the actress told OK! it is not a photo of Kristin Davis. What do you think?

The next rumor is the sex tape/photo scandal was concocted by the film company behind the upcoming release of the Sex and The City movie. As if SATC needs any more publicity. Women all across the nation are waiting with baited breath to see this movie. In fact, many are planning parties to celebrate its release (including me!)

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

The R-word

For months now there's been a lot of debate about whether we're in a recession or not. Either way, most of us have been hit hard. From the real estate bust, to now unaffordable mortgages to job layoffs, we're all feeling the pinch.

Today, the Fed cut its key interest rate by three quarters of a percentage point and stocks ended higher. Yesterday, President Bush promised his administration is "on top of the situation" in dealing with the slumping economy. Well, thank goodness he's on top of it!

I think many of us continue to struggle and there's nothing anyone can say to make us feel like there's an end in sight to our financial troubles. Understanding that the economy is cyclical and it will come back around sometime late this year or early next year (hopefully) doesn't help pay the bills right now.

I know I keep looking back to 2005 and wondering what would have possessed me to buy an expensive condo and finance 100%. Did I know less than a year later I'd lose my job? Did I know the real estate market was going to tank just as I found a better paying job out of state? Those who know me have heard this sob story 100 times. My condo sat on the market for 7 months without a single offer. And that was in 2006. I don't even bother putting back on the market now.

I also got a letter from the IRS today, telling me about my $600 tax rebate being mailed out as early as May. I have to tell you, while I can't wait for the cash I have a hard time understanding why I should be so grateful about getting my own hard-earned money bank while the government made money off of my money.

Enough of my complaining. I'm trying to keep it positive. So I guess I just have to have faith eventually it will all work out and I'll be in a better place, right?

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Monday, March 17, 2008

Being a survivor

I've been thinking a lot lately about survivors. By definition a survivor is:
a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.

This applies to someone who's beaten a potentially deadly disease such as breast cancer, or someone who's lost their home and belongings in a hurricane. Or someone who's lost their job in this dwindling economy but continues to make ends meet and manages to find a better opportunity.

I'd like to consider myself a survivor. My parents raised me to believe no matter what obstacle or challenge, I could always overcome it. They raised me to believe I don't need anyone to take care of me, but me.

When I was in my 20s, it didn't seem like there was anything I couldn't do, particularly when it came to my career. But my 30s have dealt me a few major setbacks, yet I still manage to stand on my own two feet. The one thing I'm always greatful for is my family and friends. No matter what has happened to me, the people I love and cherish the most always support me. And when times get tough, you also learn about generousity and compassion.

Last week I was at Boys & Girls Club fundraising event in Venice and a man shared his story. This man had so much courage and was the epitome of a survivor. He is a single father of two young boys. He and his wife got a divorce less than a year ago. And being a single father, there is no way he could pay for daycare for his son. But thanks to the Boys & Girls Club, his children have a safe and nurturing place to go after school.

This father couldn't afford Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and again the Boys & Girls Club stepped up to help. But the whole time he was talking about what an amazing organization it was and how it helped him, I kept thinking what an amazing man he was. What a survivor.

It would be so easy to be bitter and to complain, instead he's using his story to get others the help they need. His story was so inspiring and it reminded me that no matter how tough life gets, there's always someone who has it worse. And if that person can keep a positive atttitude, then so can I.

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

The pajama party was a blast! We ate, drank, laughed, gossiped and watched movies. If you haven't had a sleepover since middle school, you should plan one now. It was a great way to blow off steam and spend a little girl bonding time.

We watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannon Doherty, Jonathon Silverman and Lee Montgomery. I've never seen Montgomery in anything since 1985, but gosh he was cute. None of us had any boys like that in our high school!

The other movie we watched was The Princess Bride. Most of us couldn't believe my friend *N* had never seen it before. "Inconcievable!" It's such a classic! "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."

After watching both of these movies I couldn't help but wonder though.. is this why women my age have such high romantic expectations? The man is always handsome, strong and there to rescue you from dangerous situations or make your dreams come true.

Nowadays most of us realize we need to rescue ourselves and work hard to make our dreams come true. The strong, handsome hunk is just an added bonus, right? Or is it just me?
Do you think watching all those 80s chick flicks changed how you view dating? I want to hear from you.

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pajama party

Miss Attitude's been invited to a good old fashioned pajama party with her girlfriends. We plan on staying up late, watching chick flicks, gossiping and, of course, there will be cocktails (something our mothers never allowed when we were kids!)

I know the boys are asking 'will there be pillow fights?' The answers is no, unless someone decides to steal my drink! And I've been told no Ouiga Board either, but that was kind of fun back when I went to slumber parties the first time.

I'm very excited to blow off some steam with the girls because it's been a long and stressful week. TGIF, right? I'll chat with you tomorrow when hopefully I'll have some good gossip to share!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Now this I've never seen before!

After 13 years in this business, I have to say I've never seen this before: two live trucks drag racing... caught on tape!

Here's what I read about the incident:
EL PASO, Texas — A day after a fatal highway drag racing crash, a pair of local television live trucks were caught on video in their own race at a local drag strip.
The El Paso stations, KDBC-TV and KVIA-TV, were at the legal drag racing strip Friday night when a crowd of onlookers apparently convinced a pair of photographers and a part-time anchorman to race.
Charlie Bernal, a 25-year-old photographer for KDBC, said he was fired Tuesday after his bosses saw the race on the video sharing Web site YouTube.
"I knew what I was doing and figured, if someone gets wind of this I'm in a world of crap," Bernal said. He added that he didn't regret his decision to race the station's only live truck but wouldn't do it again.
KDBC general manager Bram Watkins declined to comment on the incident.

I can't imagine why one photographer was the only one fired! The other driver was a part-time anchor. SERIOUSLY? How do you explain those actions to your viewers? To the family of the victim in that fatal crash?

I know many chief photojournalists and news directors who would have a heart attack if they thought for even a second their employees would even try something as stupid as this!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

I can't believe she ran that red light!

While on the way from work to an event in Siesta Key I got in a car accident. A 92-year-old woman ran a red light and despite slamming on the brakes, I couldn't avoid hitting her. And the worst part is, she didn't even realize she ran a red light. In fact, I don't believe she even knew she'd been in an accident.

Fortunately for me, I had a witness who stopped to make sure we were okay and could tell police the other driver blew right through the red light in her Cadillac even though she swore it was green! She got a ticket, my front bumper was messed up and I was late. But the good news is no one was hurt, my car's been fixed and her insurance company paid.

But I still can't help but wonder.. should people in their 90s be driving? Or 80s? Or 70s? I'm not necessarily saying take all their driver's licenses away (although after last week I may be changing my mind.) What I am saying is they should be retested. There once was a lot of talk about making it mandatory in Florida.. but as long as we're the Snowbird capital of the country that will never happen!

Currently Florida does a retest only for a cause, e.g., after specific number of accidents or other points and infractions, for specific physical conditions; sometimes at examiner’s discretion. And there's not a vision retest until the age of 80. Do you think that's enough? I want to hear what you think!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Miss Attitude's mini makeover

Hey everyone! Please bear with me.. the blog and I are going through a little makeover.
That's why all the blogs have the same date and all the sassy graphics are MIA... but don't worry I'll be new and improved soon.. and I'm definitely not going anywhere!

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

What happens when your crush is gay?

Believe it or not, this has happened to me more than once! You have a crush on a guy (or maybe a girl) and you click. You think there's a little chemistry, but then something's amiss. All of a sudden your crush does not seem that into you. At least not in a romantic way. And there's a reason. He (or she) is gay!

So the other day I learned my first and probably longest running crush is gay. We first met in pre-k and were in the same classes all the way through middle school. We ran into eachother again several years later during my sophomore year of college. And boy was he still as cute as ever.

When he called even my parents seemed excited of the prospect. My mom has told me from the time we were four, his mom wanted to see us be together. Seriously.. not making that up! Anyway, at the time he had a girlfriend so I figured that's why he didn't ask me out.

So fast forward to the other day. I'm on MySpace finding some new friends for Miss Attitude and I start searching for some old friends. I'm not even quite sure what compelled me to search for him, but I did. And let me tell you, he's still cute and looks just like I remember him.

So I start to read his profile.. and wait! Under Orientation it reads Gay. So I do a double take, yes the picture is definitely him. Okay, let me make sure. Hometown, check. Age, check. Birthday, check. (Yes, I even remember when his birthday is)

So it got me thinking. If I started having crushes on boys who were gay when I was four years old, that explains why I'm still single! Has this ever happened to you?

I want to hear your story.

Stylishly yours,

Miss attitude

What makes a person cheat?

If you haven't already heard, the first woman to cross the finish line at the ABC 7 Sarasota Marathon has been disqualified. She crossed after 3 hours and 11 minutes. But she cheated. According to marathon officials, her chip didn't register her split (halfway time) and two witnesses' accounts of the runner's behavior led them to disqualify Christina Nobles.

Unconfirmed sources say she went into a porta potty during the race, came out and instead of continuing on her way finished without that stretch of the race. Again, that's unconfirmed.

Now Madeleine Zolfo is the women's winner. But Zolfo, who finished in 3 hours and 13minutes was robbed of the glory. She didn't get to break through the finish line. She didn't get to watch herself win on TV or read about herself in the newspaper. So Madeleine Zolfo.. here's to you! I wish I had video of you finishing the race. You should be so proud of yourself. To see picures of Zolfo Click Here

Along with thousands of others watched Nobles cross the finish line. Okay it was on ABC 7 not in real time because I still had a few more miles to go:) And I watched it again the next morning, still amazed at her accomplishment. But then I learned the truth.

I think Nobles owes her an apology along with everyone else who participated Sunday. What went through her mind? What motivated her to cheat? How did she think she'd get away with it? If she's run before she should have known she'd get caught, that's what your chip is for.

Running a marathon is insanely hard work. You train for months, maybe even a year. Most of the people I met along the course just feel good about finishing. Of course they wish they finished faster or won the prize, but none of them would have even considered cheating.

Then there's Marion Jones. She's now begun her six month sentence in a federal prison in Texas for lying about her use od steriods and her role in a check fraud scam. Jones has already been stripped of five Olympic medals she won.

What about the people who should have won those medals? It's not like you really get to go back and feel the excitement of receving the medal in front of thousands of people or millions on TV.

You have to wonder, has the person been a cheater their whole life? Or does the need to win drive them to do it? What do you think?

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Bashing co-workers?

Wow it looks like some people are touchy about work ethic.

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Here are two comments I received from anonymous writers:

I find it interesting that you would create a post bashing your co-workers on a blog linked to your station's website.

Not very professional...

So I will respond to both. My post actually was not even about workers at ABC 7. If you read it closely, you would see it said former co-worker reminded me of the instance. At the time Miss Attitude actually worked at a TV station in Tampa. So read between the lines on that one.

As for not being professional, that is one thing Miss Attitude has NEVER been accused of in her 13 year career. I actually pride myself on being as professional as possible. You may not like me, I may be hard on you, I may be a pain, but you'll never call me unprofessional.

I do admit, I knew these comments would come. ABC 7's Josh Taylor admitted to finally checking out my blog and worried people might realize they were the ones being mentioned. I told him the same thing, that post wasn't about workers here. And also added that's something he would never have to worry about. Josh is one of the hardest working reporters I've ever met. And the kindest. I truly wish more people were like Josh.

I also want you to know the other night, so many workers at ABC 7 stayed to cover a terribly sad breaking news story about a young boy with autism who wondered off and drowned in a lake. Many of them stayed several hours late or even came back in to work after their shifts.. all without being asked. There are many amazing people at my station, which by the way is why I chose to work here in the first place!

Keep the comments coming. And don't forget I'm also here to give advice. Got problems with your co-workers? Your boyfriend? Your girlfriend? Let me know.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Patrick Swayze has cancer

Ladies, I just couldn't believe the news when I heard it yesterday. Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer. When I first read it the source was the National Enquirer so I really thought it might not be true. They were reporting he only had 5 months to live.

But today's news, from much more reliable sources, paints a much brighter picture.

The "Dirty Dancing" actor has a very limited amount of disease and appears to be responding well to treatment, according to Dr. George Fisher, Swayze's physician.

I hope that the diagnosis is exactly that. I know my blog and column is supposed to be more about dating dilemmas, working woes, etc. But today talking about the 80's icon seemed much more appropriate.

Dirty Dancing still remains one of my all time favorite movies. If you're a 30 something year old woman, you know what I'm talking about. I can remember the first time I saw the movie. I was in middle school and allowed to go with just my friends. We must have seen it at least 3 times in the theatre. I can probably still recite every single line "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" and sing every single song Now I've had the time of my life

"No I never felt like this before. Yes I swear it's the truth. And I owe it all to you."

So ladies, let's hope that the National Enquirer is dramatically wrong like it always is and Patrick Swayze will be okay.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Does anyone have a work ethic anymore?

I've been thinking a lot about work ethic lately. I'm a self-admitted workaholic

so maybe I'm quick to judge people who don't give 100% at work. So I asked a few of my friends and it seems like they're all dealing with the same thing. People who don't want to work hard at work.

Tonight at dinner one of my friends, who also happens to be a former co-worker, reminded me of a time when someone at work call out sick when everyone knew he went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. But to make matters worse, he brought pictures of him and his girlfriend partying on Bourbon Street into work and saved them as the wallpaper on his computer. Talk about adding insult to injury to the person who had to work his shift!

She also told me about a co-worker who recently called out sick, then showed up to a party at another co-worker's house.. that same night.. and drunk! SERIOUSLY?

(And I thought sending a text message in sick was bad!)

When I first started working in the media business I thought you did whatever your boss told you to do. If he/she called and said you need to be at work in an hour, I was there. If the boss said you're working this weekend even though you worked 40+ hours already this week, I was there.

So why don't the younger employees understand that? Do they feel entitled to the job so they don't have to prove anything? Or maybe it doesn't have anything to do with age. My mother has told me about problems with co-workers in their 50s who actually tell their boss no when given assignments they don't want. SERIOUSLY? My mom told me, "I didn't know I had that option."

So if it's not age, is it how you were raised? Or do people just don't care anymore? I want to hear from you.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Miss Attitude makes her TV debut

Check it out:

Miss Attitude makes her TV debut!

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Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

No.. it is never okay to cheat!

Hey there! It's been a busy day today, but this e-mail made me stop and think.

It's a response from my blog about whether it's okay to cheat.

It is never okay to cheat.

It is wrong, unfair, dishonest and sleazy.

In most cases, I presume, the person cheating still loves their significant other with all their heart.

But something is missing.

Maybe it's passion. Or help around the house. Or compliments when you look pretty. Maybe that person just takes you for granted.

Maybe you've had conversations with that person. Serious conversations. And things change for a day.. maybe two. But then.. it goes back to nothing. No help, no passion, no romance.

You never know where your heart will lead you.

You said, just get a divorce and do what you want to do.

You're right.

But then, you throw kids in the mix.. and there's a whole other issue.

Maybe eventually.. but if the child is young.. it's just not fair.

Fortunately, I think most people realize that what they are doing is stupid and sleazy.. and has decided that until they are ready to make an "ultimate" decision.. the affair must stop.

I'd like to hear from more people. Have you ever cheated? What made you stop? Did you get caught?

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Wow! What a difference nice people make

The one amazing thing about yesterday's race was all of the incredibly nice people I saw along the way. From the runners cheering each other on, to the people who came out of their homes at 6 a.m. to say way to go to the people working the water stations, my first half marathon was a great experience.

I met a woman yesterday who ran the 1/2 marathon and then ran a few miles back in the course to walk with her friend and ultimately with me. She was such an inspiration, a mother of two who still had time to train. She was so positive and kept reminding us what an accomplishment it was for us. The two of them even helped carry a man at the finish line and feed him oranges so he didn't pass out.

Then, one of my friends was so amazing. She walked with me instead of running and toward the end you could tell she wanted to run at least a little bit. So she ran a few miles to the finish area, then turned around and came back to cross with me.

When I was training I was so worried it would talk me too long and I'd be the last one there. But I wasn't. And I never imagined how nice everyone would be.

I know I'm going to sign up again next year. I hope you'll join me!

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

We finished!

Congrats to everyone who finished the ABC 7 Sarasota Marathon and Half Marathon!

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I'm so exhausted, but am definitely glad I did my first half marathon today. My legs and my feet are definitely sore, but what an accomplishment! I finished in an hour less time than I expected. One of my friends really helped make it easier.

It just proves if you set a goal and work hard, you can accomplish it. I'm going to go rest up. I'll chat with you tomorrow!

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Less than one day away

There is no time for boys today, or any of the drama that comes with them. Sorry can't chat too long this morning. I have to head to the ABC 7 Health & Fitness expo to pick up my race packet. Tomorrow's the big day. We've been training for months so hopefully it won't be that hard, right?

If you're racing, I hope to see you out there. If you're not, we always need people to cheer us on!

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Why friends are forever and boys are whatever

I've really enjoyed the comments so far about my non-date. Not only do they make me feel better, they make me laugh. I bet many of you could use these to apply to your own dating disasters. Here are some just from my friends and co-workers:

What a lame-o. Guys suck and you're too good for him anyway.

Unfortunately I think sometimes people have a fight or a temporary break-up and, in anger or frustration, go to the internet-something they might not be brave enough to try otherwise. The problem is when they're done being angry, or make up with who they're with, they turn away. Jerks.

Life is too short for us to keep our heads down, and of course way too cute and fabulous. So, HEAD UP!!! One day I know they will find us and if not I know that I have had fun living my life.

Not only is it poorly written, it's in poor taste. What a lamo..

This is romantic evolution… this man is not one of the fittest of the species, so clearly he would not make a good mate. And his lame email is just natural selection at work…. He’ll never propagate the species with those recessive mental genes. You are the top of the food chain and he’s just plankton

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And before any guys out there say I'm just male-bashing, I want you know I realize there are bad women out there too. I just try to surround myself with people who aren't like that!

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

No date..

Well.. he finally e-mailed me:

I have really enjoyed talking with you but some things have come up personally where dating would not be a good idea for me right now. Sorry for not calling you back but I've just been really busy for my own personal reasons. I really wish you luck in looking for someone you seem like a really sweet girl.

Well.. moving on. Definitely not encouraging for online dating. Well really not encouraging for dating altogether. Ladies (or gentlemen) if this has happened to you let me know.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Do I have a date or don't I?

Okay, this one's confusing to me. Remember I told you I have a second date from eHarmony? Well it was supposed to be tonight, but now I really don't understand what happened.

I talked to him for several hours Sunday, then again on Monday a couple of times, plus add in multiple text messages. It felt like it equaled some chemistry. Plus we made plans for dinner tonight and a day at Disney tomorrow if all went well tonight. But I haven't heard from him since Monday night. Not a call, not a text message, nothing.

So what's a single girl to do? Some friends said forget him, move on. A few others said maybe something happened and he'll probably call today. Well know it's past noon and still nothing. I left a message last night saying I was just checking in to see if we were still on. Now I don't want to be a needy, clingy girl but this is ridiculous!

One of my other sassy single girlfriends had a similar problem about a month or so ago. She's the one who did eHarmony. The guy came to visit her, they hit it off. Now don't get me wrong I don't think she was head over heels for him or anything, but she liked him. She was supposed to go to Chicago to meet him. She even bought her plane ticket. She was less than a week away and she wasn't hearing from him much anymore. She knew something was wrong. And of course when she confronted him, he admitted he didn't know if he wanted her to visit anymore and he'd been dating someone else. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

I tell you this story because it doesn't give me much faith in my own situation. And I'll be honest this is the first time in a long time I was even excited about a date. So what would you do if you were me?

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Is it okay to cheat?

So I've been thinking about something. I know cheating on your spouse is not a new problem in our society, but it seems I've been learning about more and more people I know being unfaithful.

I wonder what makes someone cheat on someone they love, someone they promised to spend the rest of their life with. I wonder how you go home at night with that lie tucked away and not feel guilty as hell.

I know I'm single and try not to judge, but why you don't just get a divorce and then do what you want to do? I may be cynical and skeptical, but I believe when you're married you're married. Even as a single person I would never knowingly have an affair with a married man. Period. I believe in karma and I would never want anyone to do that to me.

And then what about if that affair comes to light in the workplace, then what? As I manager I once received a phone call telling me an employee was having an affair and on top of that wasn't very secretive about it. The caller said it was a bad reflection on our business.

I couldn't help but wonder what motivated that person to call? Was she jealous? Did she know his wife? What did she want me to do about it?

What would you do if you were the boss?

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've gotten a lot of compliments about the blog and MySpace page. I can't tell you how excited and grateful I am considering my first column hasn't technically been published yet.

Here's just one of the comments I received so far:

I read your blogs on wwsb.. very good... i get a very sex in the city vibe from it... without the sex talk.

He.. yes he.. also responded to one of my blogs about MySpace:

myspace has actually been blocked at my work.. we had too many people on it all the time.. and they blocked it. I use it more for email... than anything else... so I think that is ok.. because everyone checks their email at work.. but when people are spending hours on it.. not okay...

Please keep your comments coming.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Online dating

Okay ladies, here's something I've been struggling with: Online dating. If you're single and don't feel like meeting men at bars there don't seem to be a lot of options. When I was in my 20s it definitely seemed easier. So a few months ago I decided to try eHarmony. One of my friends said she liked it and it appeared to have better quality potential dates than

I have to tell you, I'm definitely an instant chemistry girl so this has been challenging. I mean who do you know you might possibly be interested in someone by filling out these dumb questions and answers. Wait, I guess that's not a positive attitude!

I've been out on one date so far and while it wasn't a bad date, it wasn't the right chemistry either. My next date is Thursday. So wish me luck.

I want to hear what you think about online dating. Have you had any luck?

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

It's Saturday!

I don't know about you, but I am so excited it's Saturday. Most people say TGIF, but I'm so exhausted on Fridays I never enjoy the end of the work week. This weekend some friends are visiting from out of town. I'm so excited to see them, but totally flaked last night.

Their flight didn't get in until 11 p.m. because they had a delay out of Chicago. I couldn't make it past 10 p.m. Wow is this what it's like to be in your 30s? When I was in my 20s I made it to 2 or 3 a.m. on Fridays.

But then again, I didn't have as much responsibility at work and of course least I left it at work after I left.

Those were also the days before PDAs. I remember when Blackberry first became popular and boy did I want one! Now don't get me wrong I love my Treo, she even has a name, but I am very addicted to checking my e-mail. Sometimes I have to tell myself not to check it after a certain time at night. Does anyone else have this problem????

So the goal is to limit checking the e-mail this weekend and enjoy spending time with my friends. Since I'm on call for work, we'll see how it goes.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Miss Attitude's getting excited

Today I got a sneak peek of my first column. I gave you a preview in my first blog entry, but I haven't technically even been published yet. My debut will be in the March edition of ABC 7'S Attitudes Magazine. And let me tell you my editor and graphic designer made it look HOT! I hope you'll enjoy reading it. You can pick up a FREE copy at Walgreens in Sarasota or Manatee counties. There are several other locations around town.. and of course you can always pick up the latest Attitudes at ABC 7 located at 1477 Tenth Street in Sarasota.

Stylishly Yours,

Miss Attitude

P.S. Don't forget I'm waiting to hear from you.

Rude people

Here's something you don't know about me.. I'm a rule follower. But tonight when I went to dinner on Main Street in Sarasota with one of my friends I let her convince me to break one. We couldn't find a parking spot so she said go ahead park in a spot even though it had a tow sign. So of course we came back out from dinner and there was a boot on my car. There were two other cars in the same boat. We were all mad about the $75 fee by the time the parking natzi showed up. But my friend and I were sugary sweet and got out of it. The same can't be said for the guy next to us. He started arguing with the parking natzi and calling him names. And the parking natzi said look it's just my job don't take it out on me. And I couldn't agree more. It's very easy to get frustrated and snippy with people.. especially when they're taking your hard earned money. Believe me I've been there. But being mean to someone just because you can is NOT okay.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Miss Attitude starts a MySpace page

Okay, I know what I said about MySpace at work. I did read the comment from Anonymous, and even confess I agree with most of it. But it is 2008 and Miss Attitude needs to catch up with the 20-somethings. So here I am at home doing something I swore I would never do, starting my own MySpace. I hope you'll check it out and add me as a friend. And since we'll be friends I need your feedback about how to make the page more exciting, but still tasteful. There won't be any compromising pictures of me on the site, believe me! After all, I want you to trust me to give you advice. Gotta run, I've got my work cut out for me.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Text message dilemma

So I've been thinking about the text message question a lot, and no matter what the technology is, a text message is not the appropriate way to call in sick. What if your boss never sees the text? Especially when someone else will need to be called in to replace you. Nothing will ever be a substitute for verbal confirmation, not an e-mail, not a text message. Ever.

So on to my next debate... What about the use of myspace at work? Miss Attitude is new to the world of myspace. And what I'm finding is very questionable. Should employees be allowed to log onto the networking website at work? It's been more acceptable these days in newsrooms across the country. It's how we get pictures of victims of crime or soldiers killed in Iraq when we wouldn't normally have access to those pictures. It's how we find out more information about those same people. But what about employees who are just talking to their friends? I have a hard time accepting logging on at work when your position doesn't require any of the above mentioned types of functions. Recently I noticed a few employees logged in while they should have been hard at work. Do I care to see "insert name here" is sleepy and at work?

No, I don't think so. If you're hard at work, you don't need to be on myspace.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude

Miss Attitude introduction

Have you have ever been faced with a problem and wondered "is this acceptable behavior in 2008?" If yes, then I’m your girl. My friends and co-workers have been coming to me for advice for years.

After working in the media business for more than a decade not much stumps me. But recently I saw something at work I’d never seen before. Instead of calling in sick, an employee text messaged me she’d be staying home for the day. My first reaction was seriously? I wanted to call her and reprimand her. But I began to wonder, do people in their early 20s think a text message is the same as a phone call?

So send me your questions and problems. I swear on my favorite pair of heels, I will give you the best advice I can.

Stylishly yours,

Miss Attitude