Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh yeah! Thrasher's french fries!


Have you ever had Thrasher's french fries? If you haven't, you don't know what you are missing. These are simply the best french fries you'll ever have. And you can only get 'em on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. Thrasher's has been around for nearly 80 years. There are three locations on the boardwalk and the one closest to the inlet is always packed. People stand in line for Thrasher's all the time. Though to be honest, Thrasher's employees have the system down pat. And customers who don't, learn very quickly. Think Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. There are only two items on the menu, french fries and soda. And three sizes: small, medium and large. You order, you move down quickly and by the time you pay the fries and drink are ready. (The only complaint I've ever had is Thrasher's serves Pepsi products, not Coke!)


So just in case there was a long line though, we headed to the one on 2nd street where there never is. I know I've already mentioned these fries in my blog twice, but seriously these are amazing. Before we even got to the stand, we spotted a toddler in a stroller eating Thrasher's. But unfortunately I couldn't react quickly enough to get a cell phone picture! A few minutes later, we'd ordered a medium and were set. As I stood there about to take the fries a guy came up to grab more vinegar,yes, you must put vinegar on them! He said to me, "Oh yeah!" then asked, "Do you need vinegar?" When I told him I already put vinegar on there, he seemed skeptical. As if I would skip that part! By the way, Thrasher's only offers salt and vinegar as condiments, no ketchup. You simply can not destroy the taste of these peanut oil-fried deliciousness with ketchup. And don't even think about asking for it.


My mother and I finished a medium in ten minutes. And I'm not kidding. My dad checked his watch. I remember when I thought a small was plenty, but now I only get those tasty fries once a year.

Stylishly (& thoroughly stuffed) yours,
Miss Attitude

P.S. The reason I didn't include a link, is Thrasher's doesn't even have a Website. They don't need it!

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Unknown said...

For some reason, they taste the best when you eat them in O.C. I've had them at the mall before in Maryland, and they are just not the same. mmmm.. fries w/vinegar.. perfect!

Anonymous said...

I dont' know when the last time I had fries with vinegar (outside of pub food). I know I was young...very, very young. Glad you got your fix though. I was starting to think that you might run out of time ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yum! Thrashers! They have them in Rehoboth, too. You have to eat them quickly before the seagulls try to get them. Fun times.

wtfChris said...

Anyone know when they open the stand on the Boardwalk? We are planning a family vacation on April 20th to O.C., but may postpone if Thrashers won't be open.

For those of you asking "They're planning their vacation around a french fry joint"? Yeah. They're just _that_ good.