Saturday, July 12, 2008

The "Honey-do" list

For the most part, I'm content being single. There are times, though, I wish there was someone to share with. And I'm not just talking about sharing the good times and the bad or my deepest darkest secrets. I'm talking about sharing the chores! It's no fun to make a "Honey-do" list for myself!


This week was so crazy most of the chores did not get done. The dry cleaning never got picked up/dropped off, laundry still needs to be put away, the sheets still need to be washed and the dishes are sitting in the sink mocking me. Embarrassingly enough, one of my friends came over last night before dinner. I can't believe I allowed her to not only come in my disorganized mess, but I actually allowed her to see my bedroom. Something I never do when it's in this state. I usually keep the door closed and my closest friends know that's where I shuffle the piles when I'm having a party. (Heck it's a party trick I learned from my mother! Why mess with it?)

Guess what? Next weekend I'm having people for a little pre-party for the FlugTag . It's very clear to me there won't be any time during the week to clean, so it must happen this weekend. And in my opinion, it's not a fun way to spend a weekend. I hate cleaning! Who does?

So this brings me to the fact that being single I have no one else to ask to help with the chores. Several of my married friends have recently complained their husbands don't help without being asked. I guess I'm not the most sympathetic when it comes to this cause. Heck if he still does it, what's it matter if you have to remind him? I've never been married and can't even begin to ask someone else to help me with the dishes or go grocery shopping. Imagine if on my next date I ask a guy if he'd mind folding my laundry or taking out the trash? Wait maybe I'm on to something....

Stylishly yours,
Miss Attitude

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Anonymous said...

In my case, it's usually digitalrob that has to do the reminding! (so embarrassing!)

Marissa said...

I met a guy at the laundromat last sunday. I know he understands the whitening power of bleach. His t-shirt was blindingly white.
I shoulda asked him to fluff and fold my stuff just to see if he would.

Anonymous said...

Being in the single environ now I totally empathize. It gets done when it gets done. Gotta make time for me, though. (Oh crap! Just remembered something that has to get done.) It never ends.

janey jay said...

I'm the the same boat with perpstu -- I'm the one that needs reminding regarding the chores. My timeline is not always copacetic with everyone else's, apparently. Which is why I'm a laundry-washing fool as I write this...

Anonymous said...

Me, too! And it's too embarrassing to let house cleaners see my mess.

Anonymous said...

I am very lucky as well. The husband does most of the laundry ten months of the year, pays for the slaves every two weeks, and helps me keep it up in between.

You'll meet your prince too someday ... when you least expect it.

Now, get to cleaning!